Ubisoft Academia Summer School 2013

Audio and Gameplay Programmer for the Ubisoft Academia 2013 Summer School. Implementation and Integration of all Ambiances, Foley, Music and SFX in the game. Developed "Shine" using UnrealScript in Microsoft Visual Studio and the Unreal Engine.

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Computer Animation
Implicit Integration and Constraints on Robust Large Step Cloth Simulation

Physically-based modeling of a cloth in 3D using Backward Euler implicit integration method with constraints and collisions on spherical objects. Developed using Java in Eclipse and OpenGL.

View the code on Github

Modern Computer Games
Path-Finding and Procedural Map Generation on Hexagonal Tile Maps

Explored path-finding approaches and procedural map generation on tile maps consisting of hexagons with the presence of various obstacle types. Developed using C# and the Unity3D Game Engine.

View the code on Github

Fowl Play: Space Dinosaurs
Ubisoft Academia Game Lab Competition 2013

A video game where you control a chicken on a quest to conquer the galaxy with an army of dinosaurs. Developed using C# and Unity for the Ubisoft Academia 2013 Game Lab Competition. Nominated for Best Marketing Strategy Award.

View the code on Github

iOS ROS Controller
iOS Mobile Controller Application for ROS-Operated Robot

Honours project on mobile controller applications for ROS-operated robots. iOS applications developed using Objective-C, Xcode and ROS.

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